"Bold Is..."

AGENCY: 22 Squared

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music, Songwriting

THE STORY: This anthemic, musically driven :60 spot was created as part of a Toyota Facebook campaign produced by 22squared. The campaign — which encompassed :60 and :30 spots and a variety of short-form videos targeting different demographics — played off the concept of all the different things that “Bold Is…” in the context of everyday life.

The spots called for an inspiring song and lyrics that would underscore the campaign theme without echoing the supers too directly. Groove Guild engaged a number of artists as well as composers, and even a music house, to write songs that capture the spirit of the everyday bold. And we had an immediate hit from our pre-score round — the agency favorite is what you hear on the final.

The track was then adapted to work with short-form videos that you may see targeting you on Facebook!