Burger King “Chicken Burger” and "Grilled Dogs"

AGENCY: Derby (Radio) / DAVID (TV)

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music

THE STORY: We got a call about a Burger King spot promoting the new Chicken Burger. They were looking for an original track, something “fresh and young”, that would deliver a bit of a sting with the punchline of the spot. We rolled up our sleeves, and it was our own Creative Director, Paul Riggio, who knocked out the punctuating, irreverent pop jam “BK Bounce” — the track that, to us, felt best for the demographic and creative.

THE RESULT: And turns out we were right! Not only did it get placed onto a variety of radio spots, but Burger King, working with DAVID, pulled it into the full-blown TV campaign as well -- for not only the Chicken Burger, but their "Grilled Dogs" and many, many more. The track, "BK Bounce," can now be heard on a host of spots across every media, worldwide, playing 50-100 times a day across all networks. Whoo!!