AGENCY: Purpose

OUR ROLE: Creative Collaborators, Music Supervision, Sound Design

THE STORY: Purpose was looking for creative concepts to produce as part of their #ClimateChangeIsReal campaign for Earth Day.  The campaign would work off the idea: “Climate Change is real and so is _____________.”

Knowing of the poor skiing conditions in recent years, particularly in Northern California, Groove Guild Creative Director Paul Riggio mentioned the phenomenon known as “rock skiing” to Purpose, and the creative collaboration began. The concept, simply: “Climate Change is real and so is… rock skiing”.

Paul got editor Jane Keller (Happy United) involved, who then pitched the idea to her friends at Aero Film. Aero director Klaus Obermeyer immediately took interest and had a great vision for what the film should be and how it should be shot (drones, phantom cameras and stuntmen were involved!)  The whole film — from concept to launch — was produced in just two weeks.

Groove Guild handled all things audio including an original score wrapped around the beautifully apropos Moby song “One of These Mornings,” sound design, music supervision as well as providing the final mix. Moby graciously granted a gratis license for the cause…thank you Moby!

All things came together and the film debuted on Earth Day, quickly picking up tens of thousands of views and some significant press, including this smart piece in the LA Times.