HBO "Go"

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  • February 24, 2015

AGENCY: HBO (in-house)

OUR ROLE: Licensing

THE STORY: When asked to pitch songs with an “HBO feel” for an existing campaign we dug in. After sifting through dozens upon dozens of songs our Music Supervisor, Al Risi, immediately knew he struck gold after listening to a pre-release of Florence + the Machine’s Shake It Out. “This song had big HBO trailer written all over it. It has all the right elements musically speaking, plus it was unreleased which is always a bonus. I called the Creative Director at HBO and told him ‘I found your song’.” After listening to Shake It Out he not only agreed but decided this song was too big for the existing spot. HBO immediately went to work on their year end promo piece that was to feature all the Academy Award nominated films. From start to finish, this spot was turned around in two weeks and HBO enjoyed the right to be the first to license this massive song.

This spot exemplifies the power of music, the power of having deep label connections and the power of Groove Guild.