Sonnet "Balloon"

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Supervision, Music Production

THE STORY: Among the brand launch spots for Sonnet Insurance that Groove Guild music supervised for Johannes Leonardo… is this relentlessly cheerful animated short “Balloon” directed by Smith and Foulkes, and animated at Nexus Studios.

Perhaps the piece that best epitomizes the campaign, setting its tagline to song, “Balloon” follows the journey of a hopelessly optimistic solo balloon gliding through a series of close encounters with danger.

To create this original song, Groove Guild worked with a range of singers and songwriters to explore different directions and ideas — looking for that right combination of catchy and memorable, if a touch unusual. They found it in a trio of songwriters: Kevin Barry, Doug Sheridan and Ray Harman c/o Crucial Custom and their "What's the Best That Can Happen" anthem.

Groove Guild’s own writer/producers then collaborated with the team to tailor the arrangement and lyrics to the animation, re-orchestrating sections, adding musical flourishes to score picture, and re-arranging the longform version for the :30 TV spot.