Sonnet “Rocket”

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Production

THE STORY: “Rocket” is the inaugural spot of Johannes Leonardo’s 7-spot campaign for brand-new Canadian insurance company, Sonnet. And it is, perhaps the most optimistic spot in a campaign that’s all about optimism. Voiced by the one-and-only Michael J. Fox, “Rocket” depicts the most epic display of national optimism in full-blown cinematic fashion, and gets an equally cinematic treatment on the music side.

THE RESULT: Johannes Leonardo tapped Groove Guild to music supervise the entire campaign, helping to guide overall music direction and manage its production. For "Rocket" music, Groove Guild brought in duotone audio group, and they delivered big time. Their epic orchestral score combines perfectly with the over-the-top visuals, right down to the classic mission control room applause. With famous Canadian Michael J. Fox narrating, the spot manages to be both moving and absurd, while channeling optimism with an epic visual thumbs up.