State Farm "Hans & Franz" & "Richmeister"


OUR ROLE: Music Production, Music Supervision, Original Arrangement

THE STORY: Groove Guild flexed every muscle as the music producers on this multi-spot campaign featuring iconic Saturday Night Live characters Hans & Franz and Richmeister. From 80s jock rock to techno to full-blown polka with yodeling, we cranked out a ton of original (and ridiculous) music for a pair of Hanz & Franz spots. We also sourced, negotiated and licensed authentic Austrian polka/yodeling tunes, and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonics to finish them with an oohmpa!

THE RESULT: It was a team effort to finish the spots, with a number of original and licensed options on the table. Groove Guild managed to license an elusive polka track from a tiny label in the Austrian Alps at the 11th hour and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonic tags at the end of both spots. Creative Director Paul Riggio worked the photocopy machine as an instrument to create another unique State Farm tag for “Richmeister”. Super fun!