"Unsupervised" Trailer

Groove Guild is set to release our forthcoming web series Unsupervised. The series aims to epitomize the indisputable significance of the live stage with a collection of intimate, insightful sessions from exceptional emerging artists. Groove Guild is striving to bring artists who are on the verge of greatness into the spotlight, exposing their talent as well as their unique disposition to an audience of music lovers and leading creatives.

Al Risi, founder of Groove Guild, has spent his career straddling the worlds of music and advertising, being drawn to live music as a true litmus test for career artists: “The live concert experience is still where the rubber meets the road for artist discovery and, increasingly, for creative inspiration”. Set in the very same recording studio that once hosted the likes of David Bowie and Lou Reed, Unsupervised is striving to advance this legacy in their first episode, featuring Norwegian singer-songwriter & Glassnote recording artist - Aurora.

The web series is set to launch in early 2017. For more information on Unsupervised or Groove Guild, please contact info@grooveguild.com