Janice Brown | Groove Guild

Janice Brown

Head of Production

Starting as a writer and editor in 1998 for magazines like EQ, Post Magazine and Mix, and later consulting for music houses, studios and music publishers, Janice has spent years developing a unique skill-set as a master of musical resources.

Since entering into the world of advertising in 2008 as a producer for So Loud Music, Janice also co-founded SonicScoop.com, where she continued to develop expertise in digital publishing and content development. Her skills in music production, coordination and licensing have all served her well as she moved to being an agency-side music producer working with Groove Guild since 2013. Janice has been producer for projects with FCB, Johannes Leonardo, MMB, DDB, and more. She has worked with clients as a music producer for Coke, State Farm, Subway, Mattel, and more.