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Sonnet "Balloon"

Featured, Original, Supervision, Song

The Real Cost "Straw City", "Hacked", "Gift"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Mix

Unsupervised: Aurora | Official Trailer

Featured, Supervision, Mix

Publix "Italian Opera"

Featured, Original, Song

Sonnet "Journey"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Arrangement

Burger King “Chicken Burger” and "Grilled Dogs"

Featured, Original

S’well “Hydration Magic”

Featured, Supervision, Production

Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Lite "Black Dress"

Featured, Original, Underscore

Chrysler "Proud"

Featured, Original, Underscore

The Real Cost "Science Class"

Featured, Production, Sound Design

Fisher-Price "Wishes For Baby"

Featured, Original, Underscore

Dragon Age Inquisition “The Breach — Trailer”

Featured, Supervision, Production, Arrangement

Jamaica Tourism "The Bobsled Song"

Featured, Original, Song, Mix

Trident "The Chew Life"

Featured, Original, Production, Song