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VO Record and Final Film/Broadcast Mixing

Apollo 16 LaunchCharlie Duke N.A.S.A.

Original, Long Form, Underscore, Mix

The Real Cost "Straw City", "Hacked", "Gift"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Mix

Nationwide "Make Safe Happen"

Original, Sound Design, Mix

TRUTH "Bring It To Zero"

Original, Sound Design, Mix

OFFF Mexico 2015 Main Titles

Original, Sound Design, Mix


Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Long Form, Mix

Truth & American Legacy "Obsolete"

Original, Sound Design, Mix

Nickelodeon Creative Advertising - Desk and a Dream

Original, Mix

Truth & American Legacy "Obsolete" Documentary

Original, Supervision, Long Form, Mix

Jamaica Tourism "The Bobsled Song"

Featured, Original, Song, Mix

Tic Tac "Pop Open Fun"

Original, Sound Design, Song, Mix