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S'well "We Are All Made Of Stars"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Long Form

The Real Cost "Straw City", "Hacked", "Gift"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Mix

Fisher Price "Best Possible Start" Campaign

Original, Production

Sonnet "Journey"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Arrangement

Sonnet “Rocket”


Fisher Price “Film By You”

Original, Production

S’well “Hydration Magic”

Featured, Supervision, Production


Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Long Form, Mix

Dragon Age Inquisition “The Breach — Trailer”

Featured, Supervision, Production, Arrangement

The Real Cost "Found It"

Original, Production, Sound Design

Dove "Dove Patches"

Original, Production, Long Form, Underscore

State Farm "Hans & Franz"

Supervision, Production, Arrangement

Trident "The Chew Life"

Featured, Original, Production, Song

Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Lite "Anthem"

Supervision, Production


Original, Production, Sound Design, Underscore

Bacardi "Oakheart"

Production, Song