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Sonnet "Balloon"

Featured, Original, Supervision, Song

The Real Cost "Straw City", "Hacked", "Gift"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Mix

Unsupervised: Aurora | Official Trailer

Featured, Supervision, Mix

Sonnet "Journey"

Featured, Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Arrangement

Lincoln Financial "All In"

Supervision, Arrangement

S’well “Hydration Magic”

Featured, Supervision, Production


Supervision, Production, Sound Design, Long Form, Mix

The Real Cost "Skinny Jeans"

Supervision, Production

Dragon Age Inquisition “The Breach — Trailer”

Featured, Supervision, Production, Arrangement

Truth & American Legacy "Obsolete" Documentary

Original, Supervision, Long Form, Mix

State Farm "Hans & Franz"

Supervision, Production, Arrangement

Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Lite "Anthem"

Supervision, Production

Coke "Happiness Starters"


HBO "Go"


Google "Maps"

Supervision, Song