Original Music



PRODUCTION: Nexus Films-Smith and Foulkes

OUR ROLE: Agency music production, music supervision, original music production & sound design

THE STORY: This was a huge international production, spanning multiple time zones, five months, and 340+ tracks. After beginning with an extensive search of licensable songs, we ended up collaborating with several music companies to create a unique sonic identity with original music. The final piece was created by Audible Playground. Our CD, Paul Riggio, delivered on the sound design. This is a perfect example of Groove Guild’s unique multidisciplinary ability to holistically execute great music and sound.

Trident "The Chew Life"

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Production

The Story: With our agency music producer hats on, Groove Guild tackled both original and licensable music exploration for this awesome campaign. The goal: to beat a favorite but impossible-to-license song!

We produced a number of original directions, ultimately bringing in boutique music collective Ski Team to make a perfectly badass original song to vibe with the unexpected (and superbly shot) characters in this otherwise silent :60.

AT&T U-Verse "Future Olympian"


OUR ROLE:Original Music

THE STORY: This :30 spot, for AT&T U-verse, required a quick turnaround to be ready in time to air during the Sochi Olympics. Groove Guild served as the Music Producers to explore both original and licensed music options simultaneously. The goal was to find or craft something ambient, and sparse with a glimmer of hopeful.

THE RESULT: Groove Guild tapped a number of individual composers to write music while we also searched for an appropriate track to license. Striking the biggest chord with the client was this beautifully minimal original score.

Dove "Dove Patches"

Agency: DAVID

OUR ROLE: Music Production

The Story: As the followup to Dove’s award-winning short film, “Real Beauty Sketches” — one of the most viral ad videos of all time — the stakes were high on “Dove Patches,” both for DAVID and for Groove Guild as the Music Producers on the project.

Like “Sketches,” “Dove Patches” is a beautifully shot short film featuring stories of real women. After seeing the initial footage, we realized the music needed to support the creative and reinforce the emotion, but not dictate that emotion.

The Result: The music process spanned four timezones, with creatives in Los Angeles and São Paulo, Groove Guild producing from New York and the composer (Great Garbo Music), in Switzerland. Great Garbo’s composition “Enlightened” was chosen and developed over several cuts of the film, with Groove Guild working to evolve the music to picture.

The campaign launched in early April, and within a few weeks of launching, “Dove Patches” had over 25 Million views on YouTube, and earned media on Ad Age, Mashable, and more.

Jamaica Tourism "The Bobsled Song"


OUR ROLE: Agency Music Production, Original Song

THE STORY: The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi marked the first time in 12 years that the Jamaican bobsled team would compete in the Olympic Games. To mark this event the Jamaica Tourism Board and FCB brought an idea to Groove Guild: Could we create an original song that soundtracked the race, before the race actually took place? The concept being – fans could support the bobsled team by downloading the song, tune into their race and hit play as the team took off out of the gate on their first run.

THE RESULT: Groove Guild jumped at the opportunity, tapping Sidney Mills – keyboardist for legendary Jamaican band Steel Pulse – to come in and lay down some magic with resident composer Jon Notar. The pair wrote the song according to the shape and length of the actual race track at Sochi, collaborating with FCB creatives on lyrics that synced up perfectly with the turns in the track.

And thus, “The Bobsled Song” was born – a super catchy, danceable reggae anthem that was a hit with the agency, the client and, within a couple of days, the world! FCB created a fun 8-bit videogame-style music video, launched www.thebobsledsong.com website, and before long, “The Bobsled Song” had gone viral receiving digital ink from the likes of USA Today, ABC, NBC, Mashable, Yahoo, Ad Week, and Mediabistro’s Agency Spy to name a few. The song even got featured on Good Morning America the day after the race. Even though the Jamaican bobsled team didn’t qualify for a medal, they were the most talked about bobsled team since the last time they first entered the sport in 2002.

Fisher-Price "Wishes For Baby"

AGENCY: Weber Shandwick

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music

THE STORY: “Wishes for Baby” is a short film that captures the excitement around some of the first babies born around New Year’s, all over the world — with real mothers offering their wishes while holding their babies for the first time. In addition to loving this concept, we were also excited by the challenge: the film would be shot, edited and delivered over 24 hours from New Years Eve to New Years Day. And it would need the perfect soundtrack.

THE RESULT: Given the extremely tight turnaround, Groove Guild met with the team in pre-pre production to talk about music and options — from licensing known songs, to producing a contemporary cover, to crafting an original score. In this early creative session, an original piece written for the project by Groove Guild resident composer Jon Notar became the stand-out favorite, and moved forward as the working soundtrack.

We pre-scored to storyboards and delivered multiple arrangements of the track and mix to allow for variables in the footage and overall intensity of the piece. Groove Guild was standing by and ready to tweak music on the day of the production, but never got a call. The team had everything they needed to take the project final and online by the afternoon of January 1. The film quickly racked up over a million views and was named Adweek’s “Ad of the Day” on January 2.

"Desk and a Dream"

AGENCY: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music

THE STORY: “Desk and a Dream” is a spot introducing a new online educational resource called The Homework Help Desk. Produced by Nickelodeon’s in-house creative agency, Nickelodeon Creative Advertising, the spot premiered during the highly visible “Kids Choice Awards” on March 28, 2015.

The Nick Creative team tapped Groove Guild to compose an original work for this important video, which addresses a complicated issue concerning parents right now — how to help their kids within the Common Core-based educational system. A smart, contemporary classical score hit all the right notes to drive the importance of the message, the complexity of the issue, and the hope of this new, helpful solution.

Visit https://homeworkhelpdesk.org for more information.

"Bold Is..."

AGENCY: 22 Squared

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music, Songwriting

THE STORY: This anthemic, musically driven :60 spot was created as part of a Toyota Facebook campaign produced by 22squared. The campaign — which encompassed :60 and :30 spots and a variety of short-form videos targeting different demographics — played off the concept of all the different things that “Bold Is…” in the context of everyday life.

The spots called for an inspiring song and lyrics that would underscore the campaign theme without echoing the supers too directly. Groove Guild engaged a number of artists as well as composers, and even a music house, to write songs that capture the spirit of the everyday bold. And we had an immediate hit from our pre-score round — the agency favorite is what you hear on the final.

The track was then adapted to work with short-form videos that you may see targeting you on Facebook!

Truth & American Legacy "Obsolete"

AGENCY: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising

OUR ROLE: Original Music, Sound Design

THE STORY: The idea behind this campaign: Just like pay phones, smoking is becoming obsolete. To illustrate this point, Truth paired street artist Joe Iurato with a teen artist whose cutouts are shown in urban environments around ringing pay phones which are never answered. Groove Guild was tapped to sound design and score the :30 spot and a longer-form “Making of” documentary about the campaign.

The :30 spot you see here consists of only sound design (a collage of phone and city sounds) until the track drops in at :20 as we see the teen artist in real-life walking through a payphone graveyard. Both the buzzy, pumping hip-hop track, and the sound design, were created by our own Paul Riggio. 

The spot ends with a call-to-action to visit thetruth.com for more on the artists — including a documentary about the making of “Obsolete” which features an interview with the artists and goes behind the scenes of the art work used in the spot. Click here to check out the doc, also soundtracked by Groove Guild.

OFFF Mexico 2015 Main Titles


OUR ROLE: Original Music, Sound Design

THE STORY: Aptly titled “One Fabulous Fucking Filter”, Sarofsky’s brilliant main titles for OFFF Mexico 2015 is a journey through the work and style of the design festival’s 20 featured speakers. Groove Guild was thrilled to be asked to create music and sound design to work with this “visual encyclopedia of fun and inspiring styles and treatments.”

THE RESULT: Creative Director Paul Riggio mined 80s synth and EDM soundscapes to create his own electronic pastiche for this era-spanning visual romp. This is fun stuff! Check it out!

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