PRODUCTION: Nexus Films-Smith and Foulkes

OUR ROLE: Agency music production, music supervision, original music production & sound design

THE STORY: This was a huge international production, spanning multiple time zones, five months, and 340+ tracks. After beginning with an extensive search of licensable songs, we ended up collaborating with several music companies to create a unique sonic identity with original music. The final piece was created by Audible Playground. Our CD, Paul Riggio, delivered on the sound design. This is a perfect example of Groove Guild’s unique multidisciplinary ability to holistically execute great music and sound.

Trident "The Chew Life"

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Production

The Story: With our agency music producer hats on, Groove Guild tackled both original and licensable music exploration for this awesome campaign. The goal: to beat a favorite but impossible-to-license song!

We produced a number of original directions, ultimately bringing in boutique music collective Ski Team to make a perfectly badass original song to vibe with the unexpected (and superbly shot) characters in this otherwise silent :60.

Dove "Dove Patches"

Agency: DAVID

OUR ROLE: Music Production

The Story: As the followup to Dove’s award-winning short film, “Real Beauty Sketches” — one of the most viral ad videos of all time — the stakes were high on “Dove Patches,” both for DAVID and for Groove Guild as the Music Producers on the project.

Like “Sketches,” “Dove Patches” is a beautifully shot short film featuring stories of real women. After seeing the initial footage, we realized the music needed to support the creative and reinforce the emotion, but not dictate that emotion.

The Result: The music process spanned four timezones, with creatives in Los Angeles and São Paulo, Groove Guild producing from New York and the composer (Great Garbo Music), in Switzerland. Great Garbo’s composition “Enlightened” was chosen and developed over several cuts of the film, with Groove Guild working to evolve the music to picture.

The campaign launched in early April, and within a few weeks of launching, “Dove Patches” had over 25 Million views on YouTube, and earned media on Ad Age, Mashable, and more.

Diet Coke / Coca-Cola Lite "Anthem"

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Supervision, Music Production

THE STORY: From the cinematography, to the inspiring visuals and the thought-provoking tag line — “Choose LOVE over Like” — everything about this spot was meticulously conceived and executed. So, it goes without saying that the music had to be exceptionally perfect…no pressure! This was a job that required us to run parallel paths on multiple levels. From producing original music with some of the world’s most respected music houses, composers and artists, to searching high and low for that perfect song, Groove Guild pulled out all the stops leaving no stones unturned along the way.

THE RESULT: The magic happened in the form of the soon to be mega hit “Love Me Again” by UK artist John Newman. It simultaneously captures the epic emotion of the spot, lyrically supports the overall message and pairs the brand with a breaking song/artist from which the brand can draw equity. Boom! We were in “LOVE!”

"Desk and a Dream"

AGENCY: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music

THE STORY: “Desk and a Dream” is a spot introducing a new online educational resource called The Homework Help Desk. Produced by Nickelodeon’s in-house creative agency, Nickelodeon Creative Advertising, the spot premiered during the highly visible “Kids Choice Awards” on March 28, 2015.

The Nick Creative team tapped Groove Guild to compose an original work for this important video, which addresses a complicated issue concerning parents right now — how to help their kids within the Common Core-based educational system. A smart, contemporary classical score hit all the right notes to drive the importance of the message, the complexity of the issue, and the hope of this new, helpful solution.

Visit for more information.

"Bold Is..."

AGENCY: 22 Squared

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music, Songwriting

THE STORY: This anthemic, musically driven :60 spot was created as part of a Toyota Facebook campaign produced by 22squared. The campaign — which encompassed :60 and :30 spots and a variety of short-form videos targeting different demographics — played off the concept of all the different things that “Bold Is…” in the context of everyday life.

The spots called for an inspiring song and lyrics that would underscore the campaign theme without echoing the supers too directly. Groove Guild engaged a number of artists as well as composers, and even a music house, to write songs that capture the spirit of the everyday bold. And we had an immediate hit from our pre-score round — the agency favorite is what you hear on the final.

The track was then adapted to work with short-form videos that you may see targeting you on Facebook!


AGENCY: Purpose

OUR ROLE: Creative Collaborators, Music Supervision, Sound Design

THE STORY: Purpose was looking for creative concepts to produce as part of their #ClimateChangeIsReal campaign for Earth Day.  The campaign would work off the idea: “Climate Change is real and so is _____________.”

Knowing of the poor skiing conditions in recent years, particularly in Northern California, Groove Guild Creative Director Paul Riggio mentioned the phenomenon known as “rock skiing” to Purpose, and the creative collaboration began. The concept, simply: “Climate Change is real and so is… rock skiing”.

Paul got editor Jane Keller (Happy United) involved, who then pitched the idea to her friends at Aero Film. Aero director Klaus Obermeyer immediately took interest and had a great vision for what the film should be and how it should be shot (drones, phantom cameras and stuntmen were involved!)  The whole film — from concept to launch — was produced in just two weeks.

Groove Guild handled all things audio including an original score wrapped around the beautifully apropos Moby song “One of These Mornings,” sound design, music supervision as well as providing the final mix. Moby graciously granted a gratis license for the cause…thank you Moby!

All things came together and the film debuted on Earth Day, quickly picking up tens of thousands of views and some significant press, including this smart piece in the LA Times.

Bacardi "Oakheart"

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Agency music production, music supervision, scored song

THE STORY: Find the perfect song for the global launch of a new product on behalf of the mega brand that is Bacardi. After an exhaustive search by our very own Al Risi, he landed on a song that was loved by the agency.

THE CHALLENGE: It didn’t quite hit all the score points the client really wanted it to hit.

THE SOLUTION: Al pulled in the band that wrote the track and worked with them to produced a customized tailored version of the song while keeping the experience smooth for all.

State Farm "Hans & Franz" & "Richmeister"


OUR ROLE: Music Production, Music Supervision, Original Arrangement

THE STORY: Groove Guild flexed every muscle as the music producers on this multi-spot campaign featuring iconic Saturday Night Live characters Hans & Franz and Richmeister. From 80s jock rock to techno to full-blown polka with yodeling, we cranked out a ton of original (and ridiculous) music for a pair of Hanz & Franz spots. We also sourced, negotiated and licensed authentic Austrian polka/yodeling tunes, and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonics to finish them with an oohmpa!

THE RESULT: It was a team effort to finish the spots, with a number of original and licensed options on the table. Groove Guild managed to license an elusive polka track from a tiny label in the Austrian Alps at the 11th hour and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonic tags at the end of both spots. Creative Director Paul Riggio worked the photocopy machine as an instrument to create another unique State Farm tag for “Richmeister”. Super fun!

Fisher Price “Film By You”

AGENCY: Weber Shandwick

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Original Music

THE STORY: We were excited to collaborate once again with the fine folks at Weber Shandwick on this wonderful project for Fisher-Price — “Best Possible Start: A Film By You”. Combining footage shot here in the U.S. and internationally, along with video clips sent in by parents all around the world, the :90 “Film By You” shows the journey of children during their first 5 years of life, as told through the eyes of a child. Get ready for another tear-jerker!

THE RESULT: Musically, a reference point was our work on “Wishes for Baby” but this time around, the idea was to achieve that tenderness with a soundtrack that would speak to a younger audience — an indie folk anthem that could score and build to the highs, and also feel real, more like a band than a film score. So, once we had some consensus on our original demos, we got a stellar band together and tracked ‘em live here in our awesome new studio! Best part was having our client over to watch and weigh in on the session in real-time. It was a great collaboration — fun, and super efficient to boot.  The result feels real, down-to-earth, and yes, even a bit teary.

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