Bacardi "Oakheart"

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Agency music production, music supervision, scored song

THE STORY: Find the perfect song for the global launch of a new product on behalf of the mega brand that is Bacardi. After an exhaustive search by our very own Al Risi, he landed on a song that was loved by the agency.

THE CHALLENGE: It didn’t quite hit all the score points the client really wanted it to hit.

THE SOLUTION: Al pulled in the band that wrote the track and worked with them to produced a customized tailored version of the song while keeping the experience smooth for all.

State Farm "Hans & Franz" & "Richmeister"


OUR ROLE: Music Production, Music Supervision, Original Arrangement

THE STORY: Groove Guild flexed every muscle as the music producers on this multi-spot campaign featuring iconic Saturday Night Live characters Hans & Franz and Richmeister. From 80s jock rock to techno to full-blown polka with yodeling, we cranked out a ton of original (and ridiculous) music for a pair of Hanz & Franz spots. We also sourced, negotiated and licensed authentic Austrian polka/yodeling tunes, and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonics to finish them with an oohmpa!

THE RESULT: It was a team effort to finish the spots, with a number of original and licensed options on the table. Groove Guild managed to license an elusive polka track from a tiny label in the Austrian Alps at the 11th hour and produced polka-style “Like a Good Neighbor” mnemonic tags at the end of both spots. Creative Director Paul Riggio worked the photocopy machine as an instrument to create another unique State Farm tag for “Richmeister”. Super fun!

Sonnet "Journey"

AGENCY: Johannes Leonardo

OUR ROLE: Music Production, Arrangement, Sound Design

THE STORY: "Journey" is the second spot in Johannes Leonardo’s campaign for Canadian insurance company, Sonnet. The multi-spot campaign – with music produced by Groove Guild – offers a variety of executions on the concept, or tagline “What’s the best that can happen?” “Journey” takes the point-of-view of a newborn baby and the position that the wide-eyed lens through which we see the world at the very beginning of life is the most valuable asset we’ll ever own.

THE RESULT: JL ECD Leo Permutico suggested a musical piece by spoken word Def Poetry Jam artist Oveous that captured both the simplicity and sophistication of this concept, however the exact track as it had been recorded was not a perfect fit. So Groove Guild composer and pianist Jon Notar created an arrangement of the piece, riffing on the jazz inflected melody and tailoring it perfectly for the spot. Additionally, Groove Guild CD Paul Riggio provided ambient sound design to both convey aural perspective and underscore the music. 

Lincoln Financial - "All In"


OUR ROLE: Music Supervision, Music Production, Arrangement

THE STORY: This project started awhile back when we were asked to negotiate the publishing rights for one of Elvis Presley's most iconic songs, "Love Me Tender".

We then switched gears and worked on some arrangements of the piece for these heart-warming spots about love, tapping an amazing array of singers and artist/composers, and ultimately finding that a charmingly sweet and simple rendition best fit this client and creative.

Dragon Age Inquisition “The Breach — Trailer”

Agency: FCB/West

Our Role: Music Supervision, Original Arrangement

The Story: Groove Guild was tapped to find an “unexpected” song for this epic “Dragon Age: Inquisition” (EA Games) trailer. Instead of going for the typical dark fantasy dragon-slaying adventure music, the team wanted to do something distinct and cool from an indie band. The track would need to feature heavy, epic tones and give a sense of foreboding. Lyrics would need to drive the concept of being on the brink of war and darkness. Not your typical indie band sound.

Groove Guild undertook an exhaustive search and emerged with an unreleased track by The Phantoms that was spot-on lyrically and tonally. Everyone loved the song, but also recognized that it did not get quite epic enough for the visual. It needed to build more and be pushed even further. Extracting the core elements of the track, Groove Guild created a new arrangement that hit the perfect note..

This hybrid approach delivered the best of both worlds: the client received the combination of an original, unreleased song by an indie band and a movie-sized custom score all in one. The trailer quickly racked up nearly 10 million views prior to the games official release.

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